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2013 – The Ambitions, Goals and Dreams

(by Jackson Wendt)

As we "Positive SimRacing" are a new team, people from outside the team would expect us to act new, quiet and to not do much until at least a couple of years into our lifespan in Formula SimRacing. People however would be mistaking as we have recently announced our participation in the World Championship after purchasing the successful racing license of the GT Omega Racing Team.

Although 2013 will be probably a very tough year for the team, particularly in World Championship, this participation will mark the start of a bright chapter of Positive’s life as a championship contending team and will stay in the memories of the members, drivers and team owners for the rest of the teams’ journey through Formula SimRacing.

This is not the only new news for 2013 though, as several new branches of the team will be starting up in World Trophy and World Series as well. This means that a few new drivers will be being brought in to the team.

Kevin Rebernak is one of the lucky few to make it as an Official Driver in the team. Kevin today spoke about what he hopes to achieve in 2013. "I think I've already achieved  a lot with getting into the Positive SimRacing as a Official Driver with practical no experiences in sim racing on such high level. My first goal is to get as many practice I can. Practice makes me faster. I feel lucky to have a young co-driver Jackson Wendt with me, who can help me with details. I am counting on a Positive SimRacing Team support also. Second goal is to get through all races and get more and more experienced.  If I can achieve any good final positions in individual race the 2013 season will be perfect! I already feel good vibrations."

Kevin is the only confirmed driver to be racing in FSR in 2013 along with Jackson Wendt should he get over the issues which he is faced with, he spoke about them today. ‘Well, quite a few things are still being decided with respect to which simulator we will be using next year, rFactor or rFactor 2. This is a problem for me as in order to run rF2, I will need to get a new computer. I am really disappointed about this because I am uncertain as to whether I will get it yet or not, but I am trying very hard to and hopefully you will see me in Melbourne in 2013. If I am able to race next season however, my goal within the team would to be to achieve a podium position if not winning a race.’ 

Javier Alvarez, the teams C.E.O stated about some of the intentions of the team in 2013 ‘The first year in the FSR World Championship will be very difficult for Positive SimRacing, as it has been for most of the teams during their first championship. All of us are aware of the long term perspective of the project and hence, we will do our best in 2013, but keeping in mind that this is a learning season for us. Some excellent drivers will join the team and FSR in 2013, and Positive SimRacing will make a nice contribution to FSR with fresh sponsors, drivers and ambitions. I am very proud of being a part of this group of people ’

And so Positive SimRacing is very excited to be part of what is sure to be one of the most exciting seasons that FSR has ever seen with a new simulator to be a likely choice for the races to be held in. 

From us all at Positive SimRacing we wish you well and will see you in Melbourne 2013.

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