Team history

Positive SimRacing (PSR) is a sim racing team participating in international championships. The aim of PSR is to generate added value in his drivers, sponsors and championships in which the team takes part.


The Beginnings

In September 12th, 2012, Javier Álvarez established Positive SimRacing in order to participate in the Formula SimRacing (FSR) World Championship. The objective then was set up the team, in order to face the 2013 season with more possibilities of success.  In only 2 weeks, the team was ready to participate in the last 4 races of the World Trophy season.

At the same time, the team signed agreements with private companies (EC Sim Hardware, Mightygate and Novoa Designs) and completed a structure built on the experience of Spanish competitions (F1Total, F1 Puerto, and F1 Champs). On November 20th, 2012 Positive SimRacing acquired the permanent license for the World Championship of Formula SimRacing. The evolution of Positive SimRacing was boosted with a series of agreements that included several of the best drivers of Spain and drivers with experience in the FSR World Championship. The team then reached an agreement with the first main sponsor, the Spanish biotech company Biocross S.L. By 24th march, 2013, the first official presentation event of the team takes part in the Barcelona Indoor Karting, in the frame of a bigger event organized by

While preparing the 2013 season, two PSR teams took part in the unofficial FSR Winter Series. On January 5th, 2013, Kevin Siggy clinched the first PSR pole position and Neil Debacquer clinched the first victory for Positive SimRacing.


The First Season

In the 2013 season the team Biocross Positive SimRacing was licensed in the three categories of the FSR league (World Championship, World Series and World Trophy). A second team was also inscribed in the World Championship with a one year license: Jasco Spain PSR. Two junior teams 

The Sunday, 4th of August, 2013; during the round 8th of the World Trophy, the driver Álvaro Torres scored the first official victory for Positive SimRacing in an official race, in Hungaroring. At the end of the season, Biocross Positive Simracing finished 7th in his first World Championship, scoring 44 points. At the same time, the team finished in P2 in the Team’s standings of the World Trophy with 5 victories, and two drivers in the top 10. 

The team expanded to other two international competitions. In February 2013, the iRacing Division was launched. At the same time, PSR started its participation in the Spanish iRacing championship of In the first participation in the Blue Cup of STC Challenge, Positive SimRacing fighted until the last round for the top 8, a result which couldn’t finally be achieved, in spite of a first excellent championship in these series. The new iRacing section in the team also obtained excellent results during the first year, with Andrés Quintana wining the Spanish driver’s Championship (MundoGT Competición Individual). 

In August, 2013, following the steps of the FSR division, the team started its participation in the lower category of the Grand Prix Virtual World Championship (GPVWC). Hence, in 2014, the team was involved in 3 international championships: Formula SimRacing, STC Challenge and GPVWC. 


From rFactor to iRacing

In 2014, the obsolete rFactor was being replaced by a new (still not fully developed) rFactor 2 in FSR, originating a decrease on drivers’ market and audience. Despite a successful first season in FSR, the Team decided to face a new challenge. At that time, the team decided to start the PSR Road2Pro project, led by Fernando Guerrero and a group of rFactor drivers moving to iRacing and initiating the career towards the iRacing Pro series. At the same time, PSR announced that the team will  focus in iRacing from 2015. 

The investment in new rFactor drivers joining the Academy was discontinued. Instead of that, Positive SimRacing signed a one-year agreement with the Indoor Karting Barcelona in order to launch the IKB-PSR Driver Academy, to incorporate new drivers, who will participate in entrance categories of international sim racing championships in rFactor. 

The 2014 season finished with a fourth place in the championship teams of the second category (Ace Series) and a brilliant P4 for the Australian driver Jonny Simon in the driver's standings. Jonny also clinched 8 podiums in the same season. It was however a tough season for the team, in which PSR competed in inferiority of conditions against clusters of much stronger teams. 

Positive SimRacing also completed a great season in the GPVWC SuperCup Championship, in which Kevin Siggy and Fran López led the team to 4th place, with 2 victories of Kevin Siggy and several podiums. 

Before finishing 2014, Kevin Adam, Fernando Guerrero and Jonny Simon clinched the first full podium (P1, P2, and P3) in a historical race during the MundoGT team's championship (iSupercompetición de Escuderías) and the team clinched a final P2 position in the team’s standings. 


The Consolidation in the international scene

In 2015, Positive SimRacing with the main sponsorship of Raman Health Technologies, focused on iRacing with Fernando Guerrero and Kevin Siggy brilliantly obtaining the Pro license in his first attempt. At this time, Diogo Oliveira joined to prepare the iRacing Pro Series. Finally, Diogo Oliveira secured the first iRacing WC license for PSR, ensuring the participation of the team in the 2016 iRacing World Championship GP Series

Simultaneously, the team reorganized the structure creating different sections within iRacing, and abandoning definitively rFactor and rFactor 2. A new Skip Barber section was launched with a great success competing in the 2K World Cup (Seasons 2015-3 and 2015-4), with Ricardo Faria obtaining 2 victories and finishing in P3, and other three PSR drivers finishing in the top 10 of the standings: Arjan de Vreede in P5, Brian Doell in P6, and Matt Dafoe in P8. PSR also won the 4th season of the Skip Barber Series (with Arjan De Vreede) while Ricardo Faria finished in P2 in Season 3, and P3 in Season 4. 

2016 implied another step forward of the team in its consolidation in the international scene. The F1 section was reinforced with a group of drivers completing a 4 top 10 in the third season (P3, P6, P8 and P10). In a successful year, PSR won 2 of the 4 seasons of the F1 official series (Seasons 2 & 4). PSR was also one of the most prominent teams in the 2k World Cup since the creation of the Skip Barber section in the team. PSR finished this year with more than 15 podiums and 5 race wins. 

The first victory in an international team's championship took place in 2017, in the 2k World Cup.  PSR clinched the championship and the second position, and 7 victories during the season. The team was also consolidated in F1, being permanently on the podium of all the official seasons of IRacing. In addition, that year the team began a journey towards a terrain not so well known: the Endurance and an ambitious trip towards the Endurance World Championship. The start was a Driver Developmnt Programme in partnership with the world champions of 2016 and the Virtual Racing School. Already in that first year we rise with the podium in the prestigious event of the 24 h of Le Mans. 

In 2018, the team was already fully consolidated in iRacing, both in Open Wheels and GT. Its participation was also extended to prototypes and Rally Cross. The team entered in the NEO Endurance and Sports Car Open championships, and continued with good results in events, such as the podium at the 24 H Nürburgring, or the 4th place at the 24 h of Spa-Francorchamps. At that moment, the rankings of the Sim Racing Observer placed PSR as the seventh team in the world rankings.

The first victory in a race of a World Championship came in the 4th round of the iRacing Rally Cross World Championship Series, in October 2019. Otto Taskinen won a race in which a second driver of the team, Dani Mitrani, was in P3 in one of the most brilliant races of the team



Historical Pictures

Broadcast Victory WCRX
PSR TeamGreenpower2
2019-RUS-ForzaM 07
21768903 1887873587919318 2725232223872848913 o
2012 FSR WT1
2014 GPVWC
2014 GPVWC SuperCup
2013 FSR Jasco Spain
2014 FSR WC
2013 FSR WT
Jose Pleguezuelos takes the victory in the Spanish Drivers Parade Championship, 2019, with Greg Olson in the final podium
Otto Taskinen takes the first Victory of the team in a World Championship. It was the 4th Round of the iRacing RallyCross World Championship, 2019.
We go to a real car with Glenn Key, in the Nordic F4 Championship. Glen made two races with a car representing PSR.
Otto Taskinen and Dani Mitrani Fenollosa qualify for the first time the team to the iRacing Rally Cross World Championship. Otto Taskinen took the first victory in a World Championship race for the team in Round 4.
Ruslan Sabitov wins two Forza 7 Torunaments in Russia (Sochi and Moscu).
Adaildo Vieira and Renán Azeredo win the Porsche Carrera eSports Cup Brazil and receive the trophy in the circuit of Interlagos.
2017 World Championship GP Series. Daniel Bida at COTA
2018 Ricardo Orozco clinches a top 10 in the World Championship GP Series, Imola
2017 P3 in the 24h of Le Mans
2018 P4 in the 24h of Spa
2018 P3 in the 24h of Nürburgring
2017 Announcement of the Driver Development Programme
Positive SimRacing wins its first international championship. The 2017/1 Skip Barber World Cup.
2017 World Championsip Daniel Bida (Blue) and Diogo Oliveira (Green) in Suzuka.
2012 FSR World Trophy. Jackson Wendt fights for position at Turn 1 in Interlagos
2014 Supercup Kevin Siggy and Fran López finish in P4 of the Team Standings in the first season.
2014 GPVWC Supercup. Balazs Remenyik
2013 FSR World Championship. Zuhaitz Cabo (Jasco Spain PSR) leads a three drivers PSR Group (Marcel vd Linden and Blair Disley)
2013 FSR World Championship. Marcel vd Linden fights for position
2013 World Trophy Álvaro Torres leads the field